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Originally Posted by Kiss Murder
I'll give you more, he's fat, non athletic, thinks basketball is boring at times.

Non-athletic?? How do you judge this? By those combine results. Marcus is an average athlete and his gamestyle is much different and does not necessarily require athleticism. His strenghts are courtvision, passing, handling the ball, hitting the occasional jumper (DUH) I don't think a crazy vert would assist in that situation.

Fat.. I'm just laughing my azz off at people like Phoenix who are trying to relieve the pain by this. Yes he's eatin' them beans/rice/fried plantains but did you see how quickly he got into shape this past season. Didn't start practice until late December, and by February was real fit, played pretty much the most minutes out of anyone on the roster.

Dude can run the break whenever the ***** he wants if you've watched it in the past. Ever wonder why the Uconn team had a real high scoring average, cuz of fastbreaks and more possessions per game (a la Suns) Guess who leads that? Yea..
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