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Originally Posted by bagelred
What's going to happen is the Knicks will be a "success" by playing .500 ball. Woopdee-freakin-doo!!!!

So then they'll be in medicrity for the next four years, with Isiah still around making bad decisions...

You think a team with Francis, Marbury, Crawford, James, Curry, Richardson, Robinson is going anywhere? All those guys are just losing players....

1). .500 ball means playoffs, playoffs means we are out of the lottery, which means Chicago doesnt get a good pick

2). Francis has been considered elite for a long time. Marbury is an excellent scorer. Crawford is a proven clutch player. James has shown that he can be effective. Curry will be a dominant center once his defense improves. Richardson has been to the western conference finals, and is a good defender. And Robinson is a rookie, how can we judge him yet? These guys are winners, you are not good at analysing talent
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