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Default Rings come from luck but......

When you are a losing team you can not expect the next step to be a ring! Besides championships have come from things other than the draft. LA got Kobe at 13 in the draft. That is just a gamble that paid off and then Shaq signed with that team. '04 Pistons were built through trades and free agency! The '94 rockets traded for Clyde Drexler. The point is Knicks have a huge payrole and tallent but the player's value is low. If Thomas can get his players to perform he will be in a position to trade for a big time star that can lead them to a championship. Besides watching your team in the finals is only two week out of the year we want to enjoy watching these guys play all the time and that doesn't mean waiting around for a (Duncan,Jordan,O'Neal) type player!
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