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Originally Posted by Joey Zaza
Reporter: "You said that you and coach are on the same page but it does not sound like it?"

Iverson: "We are on the same page. We are. I'm upset because of one reason...we are in here. I lost my best friend, I lost this year (in the playoffs), I feel that everything is going downhill for me as far as my life.

I don't want to deal with this man, I don't want to go through this [expletive] man. This is where I want to be. I love this place, I love my teammates, I don't have any problems with Coach Brown at all. Coach Brown has problems with me as far as lifting...I do not know about this thing with practice because I have not been missing any practices.

I don't have any problems with Larry Brown, this organization at all. I just don't want to go through this. That's my only problem. I don't want to go through this. I don't want to lose and all summer have to go through this right here. Why? I don't feel that it's right. I lost. I lost. I mean me, my coaching staff, my teammates, this organization lost. You don't hear about any one of my teammates going through this. It's me. It's just me. I have to deal with it. And now it ain't about me and Coach Brown. It's about him. It's about Allen Iverson. The ball is in his corner.

I read the article and my friends and people tell me things but it's all on me. I accept it but the [expletive] hurts. But it's not just about me. Yeah I got some [expletive] I need to get better in but everybody does. But you don't talk about everyone else, you just talk about me. And why because I make money?

Reporter: "Because you're the MVP"

Iverson: "What does that mean? I'm the MVP and I have to worry about trade talk. I'm the MVP, the MVP of this league. I mean, the best basketball players in the world, and I was honored with the MVP. The best basketball player in the world...and this is what I have to go through when I lose. I can't win them all. I'm human. I am just like you. You might be a little better than me in your eyes or from the people that love you but you're human just like me, right? You are no different. You bleed just like I bleed, you cry just like I cry, you hurt just like I hurt. But I am Allen Iverson, I get paid to play basketball.

Reporter: "But that's why you're different because you play ball?"

Iverson: "I'm not different than you. You get paid to talk [expletive] on the microphone, don't you? You get paid to do your job."
Reporter: "You want to trade salaries?"

Iverson: "You get paid to do your job. I am nowhere near you criticizing you about how to do your job because I'm not. You're human, you do what you do, that's your job. I'm not here to critique you on what you do. I don't like the way he pronounced that word or this, that and the third. I don't do that to you.

Reporter: "But you acknowledge that being criticized is part of your job?"

Iverson: "I am going to criticized automatically. I don't have a choice."

Reporter: "Why do you think it's only just practice?"

Iverson: "I did not say that.. I'm saying that's why we are in here having this talk because of practice"

Reporter: "But don't you think great players and MVP's make their teammates better...

Iverson: "But that's what I am the MVP but it has nothing to do with practice."

Reporter: "Guys we need to move on...

Iverson: "I ain't going nowhere...let him talk. I am upset about being here having this conversation, that's it. From me being here, that's it. I am not upset with you or no of y'all here right now. That's your job. I am just upset because I am here. That's it

Reporter: "There was a quote in a newspaper attributed to you that has you saying: 'I'm gone'. What are your thoughts?"

Iverson: "Listen, you know me man, you've known be for six years. You know me, do you think I want to leave here?"

Reporter: ""I saw the quote..."

Iverson: "I'm asking you a question..."

Reporter: "No I don't think you do"

Iverson: "That's that. It ain't a whole bunch to that man. You're not hearing it from nobody else.

Reporter: "Do you think you'll be back?"

Iverson: "Hell yeah I'm coming back."

Reporter: "Did you ask your coach if you could come back?

Iverson: "Did I ask him...I have to ask my coach if I can come back?"

Reporter: "As opposed to being traded?"

Iverson: "I ain't going nowhere. Larry Brown ain't going nowhere.

Reporter: "Did coach tell you that?"

Iverson: "Yeah"

Reporter: "Both things?"

Iverson: "Both"

Reporter: "How come you didn't meet with him on break-up day?"

Iverson: "Because I didn't?"

Reporter: "What are some of the things you can do during the summer that can help you?"

Iverson: "I'm going to come back and be the biggest, strongest bodybuilder in the world. That will make me the best player in the world. If I come back next year and look like Arnold Schwartzneggar, will y'all give me the MVP automatically? Please do that. If I come back and be huge and big, y'all will give me the award.

Reporter: "You have to earn it."

Iverson: "Why not? I've earned the MVP small as hell. Y'all tell me what y'all want me to do?

Reporter: "May I respond to that?"

Iverson: "Yeah"

Reporter: "There are people that have suggested, myself included, that instead of shooting 40 percent, you...

Iverson: "What do you know about basketball? Have you ever played?"

Reporter: "Yes"

Iverson: "I don't know Phil, I don't know you as a basketball player. I know you as a columnist but I have never heard of you as a player though.

Reporter: "Why is that an issue?"

Iverson: "Why is that an issue? Because we're talking about basketball."

Reporter: "Let me ask my question."

Iverson: "Go ahead, Phillip."

Great find! Bolded the parts that cracked me up
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