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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS: NBA training camp to be postponed

Originally Posted by asdf1990
11 percent cut , there goes the season.

Let's have a math lesson everyone.

A drop from 57% of revenue to 46% of revenue seems like an 11% paycut for the players (57 - 46 = 11%). Actually, it's not. It's a lot more.

Let's say there's only one person in the league. League revenue is $10 million. Under the current CBA, that player would get $5.7 million (57%). Under the new CBA, the player would make only $4.6 million (46%)

But $4.6 million is only 81% of $5.7 million ($4.6/$5.7 = .81). Or since the player is making $1.1 million less, we can say it's a 19% paycut ($1.1/$5.7 = .19)

So basically, the owners want the players to take a 19% paycut in salaries.

Yeah, math!!!

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