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Default Re: Euroleague 2011-12 Rosters

Originally Posted by MeLO MvP 15
It has more to do with the fact that you insist any non-European player is a scrub and that the NBA has less talent than the Euroleague. It's funny because if you were to make an all star team of the Euroleague and have them play any NBA team, any NBA team would win.

It has to do with you constantly talking trash about things you know nothing about. Go look up how Calathes played and you tell me with a stright face that he is the lead guard of that team.

As for Parker, again you talk total trash without know what the hell you are talking about. He averaged 14 a game in the Euroleague, left, went to the NBA and averaged 12-13 in the season and 14 in the playoffs the next two years in the NBA.

According to you he "dominated NBA" since he was just as good or better in the NBA than he was in Euroleague.

Do you ever care to learn than a Euroleague MVP candidate is nominated by fans in the arenas? That these candidates are then placed on the Euroleague website and the fans vote online unlimited as much as they want (same IP can vote once a day) on the who the MVP is?

Do you ever care to grasp that the Euroleague MVP media voters are instructed that they can ONLY vote for someone that is on a final four team (the conference finals in the NBA)...........

That the media voters are instructed and supposed to base the vote on "TEAM play", and NOT individual play?

This has been explained so many times in this forum and yet morons like you come in here and just say "PARKER" like a hit and run in every discussion where Euroleague is mentioned. The same people having clearly never even seen a Euroleague game. Never mind that you always never mention that Parker as a starter in the NBA had pretty much the same stats in the NBA and NBA playoffs as he did before he left the Euroleague, when he was the "MVP".

You talk trash about crap and have no idea that you are even wrong about it. Then you turn around and call people talking about simple truth "trolls".
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