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Default Re: Euroleague 2011-12 Rosters

Originally Posted by Euroleague
I think it is pretty clear and obvious that most American NBA fans are racist. Their attitude and opinions about any basketball played outside the United States is so illogical, so irrational, and so delusional that it is obviously stemming from something else besides just normal xenophobia, patriotism, ignorance, zealotry.

It's pretty clear that most American NBA fans associate the NBA and Team USA to "blacks", and that they associate FIBA competitions and Euroleague to "whites".

And most American NBA fans make it very clear that they believe only black people can play basketball.

It's 100% true that the opinions most American NBA fans have about the Euroleague is completely fictional and totally imagined nonsense.

How is Arkansas treating you? I hear the weather is nice there this time of year.
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