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Originally Posted by niko
the new defensive controls suck. i don't get what they were thinking, no one had control issues. they implemented new collisions and made controls that made collissions rare. Note to EA, FIFA doesn't have to have the realistic flow of a soccer match, we only play 10 minute ****ing games, that's not quite realistic.
Neither were goals that came about from tackling a player, being tackled, tackling them back, being tackled back ad nauseum. The amount of contact & bulldozing through people in FIFA 11 took the piss. At least now there's a little more strategy to the game rather than holding down pressure buttons & hoping for a few lucky collisions to go in your favour.

My reservations with this years game lie more with the size of the players in relation to the pitch, and their lack of real presence when the ball's being passed around on the deck. You can pass inches to the side of world class defensive midfielders without them intercepting the pass, and I feel like that leaves the game a bit too open to mindless passing without prior thought. It's crazy how all these years on, PES5 remains the most realistic, balanced football game ever released. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!
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