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A nice run down of whats available that I posted on the Bulls board:

I think this draft has a lot of depth but very few sure things. There is a lot of talent that went undrafted:

1. Jose Juan Barrea: Undrafted but an exceptionally good player (arguably the best undrafted player), he DOMINATED the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, and also put up unbelievable NCAA stats. The guy seems like he can play, admittedly I can't reccomend him having never seen him, but the fact that right after he got done with college he jumped to the Puerto Rican league and led his team to a title, or close to one is a very good sign. The downside is he is a 5'10/5'11 point gaurd which is the last thing we need.

2. Sean Dockery: Not a great fit for the Bulls, bad stats, etc. But this guy is a fiend on defense. He might be able to make up for his size with his quickness and tenacity. Who knows.

3. Mike Gansey: Tough as nails, has fairly good size, and is a good offensive player. If he can play there is a good chance he could jump in and contribute right away. Excellent shooter with enough athleticism to be a fairly good defender. It's hard to evalaute him in West Virginia's system, but I think he is worth a look.

4. Chris Quinn: Shooter/scorer who performed very well on the athleticism tests and averaged close to 20ppg in the big east. I think this guy plays like a stiff, and I am not a fan of his at all, but he might be able to take Pargo's role.

5. Taquan Dean: This guy I like. Lights out shooter, excellent scorer, extremely strong, great athlete. I don't think size will matter for this guy as he is very strong, and very athletic. Go back 2 years ago to when Louisville made the final four. This guy was an absolute stuf muffin throughout the tournament. I think we could have a poor mans Ben Gordon with more size here. This guy is a steal, and if Sefolosha doesn't pan out could end up being the Backup shooting gaurd.

6. Keydren Clark: Great mid major scorer who, like Barea, I haven't watched. On the other hand a guy with that kind of tenacity and scoring ability at 5'10" could be a much better version of Pargo. He doesn't fill a major need but on sheer talent alone is worth a look.

7. Carl Krauser: Steady point gaurd, who is fundamentally sound and boring. Not a lot of potential but could be insurance in case Duhon bolts in a few years, not as athletic as Duhon but a better scorer. Doesn't fill an immediate need.

8. Gerry Macnamara: Underrated college player. Clutch shooter with tons of big game experience and a history of leading his team places(IMO atleast). He really is best suited as a 2nd or 3rd option and suffered because defenses could key in on him with only one or two quality players on his team (Warrick and Devendorf). Doesn't fill a need but is a good enough player to be worth looking at anyway. Also a better athlete then he get's credit for, in my opinion, he was able to penetrate and set up his teammates pretty well and tested as a better athlete then Marcus Williams. He's a bad athlete by NBA standards but not some type of horrible stiff as he is portrayed sometimes.

9. Darius Washington: Another point gaurd who doesn't fill a need, but an incredible talent. Athletically this guy will be able to hold his own in the NBA from day one. Worst case scenario this guy is a more reliable Pargo type spark plug, who can go to the rack and score. IMO I think he is worth getting, as he could become a Bobby Jackson type sparkplug.

10. Nick Caner Medley. Has the height to play powerforward and more then enough athleticism, we don't really need another undersized powerforward or tweener forward, but this guy has a lot of talent and has proven himself over the years in the NCAA. IMO letting him slip away because we have Darius Songalia or who ever would be retarded. The fact is the bulls have a derth of quality big man and this guy could turn out to be one.

11. Kevin Pittsnoggle. This is a guy we should take a long hard look at. He fills a need that none of those other players can, he is a center. This guy has a lot of bulk and would be an ungaurdable mismatch for many of the centers in the league. Imagine Shaq gaurding him, not pretty. He fills a need for us at center, and for me that puts him way ahead of the other undrafted free agents.
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