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Default Undrafted Guys

Mike Gansey / Taj Gray / Marco Killingsworth / Allen Ray - All of these guys have the ability to be in the NBA, and somehow fell out of favour, of all the undrafted guys, these are the guys that should make it into the league at some point, especially Gansey.

Pittsnogle is another Tskitishvilli, soft.
Gmac is another Matt Maloney.
Daruis Washington Jr came out too early and has no one to blame but himself.
JP Batista - Would get owned by every 5 in the league cuz of his height, would get owned by every 4 in the league cuz of speed, but he is rock strong.
Taquan Dean is another Dajuan Wagner.
Sean Dockery - not as talented as any of the 1's in the draft, its too bad cuz dookies are usually great character guys to have on the team.
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