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Default Re: BREAKING NEWS: Little progress made, no further meetings scheduled

Originally Posted by SourGrapes
It's strange how this forum becomes a soap box for extreme ideas and marginal people. Is this really what you take from the whole situation?

where in his statement is the soap box. soap box as a term came from an era where over dramatization was the case. but nowadays man people are really struggling and unless you know what thats like maybe you dont understand where the poster is coming from.

at the end of the day these are spoiled babies and corporate ****s that make our lives harder than they need to be.

the 99%/1% split is in full effect on this forum and that is acceptable in this day and age. you have to learn that basketball extends beyond the game sometimes. it may lead to other convos and thats ok just dont worry about it if you havent the experience.

and if youre well off than good for you, but dont make our complaints seem miniscule when theyre actually valid and justified. **** these nba players and the owners, i love the game not the players, starting today.
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