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Default Re: Video: David Lee interview, on the future of the GS Warriors

The future of the Warriors is looking bright...

New ownership
New coach with a defensive mindset
Stephen Curry - bright bright future
David Lee - solid PF
Rookie Klay Thompson - if he transitions well, could try to trade Ellis for a star type center
Ekpeh Udoh - Ronnie Turiaf type shot blocker with better scoring ability and rebounding
Dorrell Wright - decent swingman, arguably their best perimeter defender
Reggie Williams - good scorer off the bench, great D-league pickup

Won't knock Biedrins if he can stay out of foul trouble and get back to playing solid defense and clearing the boards like he was doing a few years ago. Would be a GREAT backup if they can get a good big man.

As talented a scorer as Ellis is, he is very undersized for his position, and he doesn't know how to play point so he has no choice but to play SG. Has quick hands and plays the passing lanes pretty well but isn't a good defender by any means, so if improving defense is their goal, they need to ship Ellis off while his market value is still high.

Optimistic Warrior fan here. But I've been optimistic for the last 15 years....what can I say?
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