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Default Re: Crazy NFL offseason

Originally Posted by 0ne50
Patiot top 10

Colt top 10

Chargertop 10

Eagle maybe. if donovan can last a whole season. It's just he and Westbrook that are weopons. LJ Smith will continue to be inconsistant.

Denver what did denver do to improve the offense? Denver stunk on offense last year.

Bengel top 10

Saints top 10

Seahawk top 10

Ram they'll be top 10 in turnovers on offense

Cowboy Tony Romo AKA Mike Vick in slow-mo aint gonna do it. you heard it hear, he'll be benched

Sorry, I mean Falcon instead if Bronco. I am glad they get Joe Horn. Becasue now Michael Vick can't use the excuse "I don't have a decent WR" anymore.

McNabb would easily put Eagle's offense in Top 10 as long as he doesn't get injuried. I believe they will find a way to get another WRs, maybe through the draft.

I don't like Tony Romo, and I think he'll get benched too. But I'll bet even Matt Schaub can do well with Terry Glen/Jason Witten/T.O. offensive.

Washington and Carolina should have a chance if they can all be healthy and get a decent QBs.
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