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Thumbs up Re: Twin Towers? (Nets version)

'twin towers'... god, what an outdated concept. when are the sportswriters going to let that one rest?

anyway, to get extremely simple in the face of a huge bunch of unknowns- if there's a way to attract d-howard to the nets then i'm down. absolutely down. even nene, tyson chicken and west are worth signing if there's a way to work such towards a d-how trade, sign-and-trade, etc.

whether those guys are worth signing as a future rotation with lopez is a whole different issue. i mean, the nets still have a huge amount of drafting and team-building to do before they're ready to field a strong contender.

because as much as i like brookie, i question whether locking him and a big FA PF/C into their inevitable contracts is what this team really needs. 'twin towers' or not.

IMO we need to look at one of two scenerios: 1) any moves of any kind that can give us strong chances of acquiring d-how... which would (presumably) guarantee d-will re-signing and allow us to build around the top 1-5 combo in the NBA.

2) anything that improves our long-term ability to build a strong team, which means a whole bunch of patience and not locking up big names just for the sake of their big names.

if you look at the sixers, for example, they've wasted much of the last 10+ years trying to fit in big name FA's with their young up-and-comers in order to get back to the finals, but have basically gotten nowhere. (not that they're remotely alone in the NBA, of course)

lopez, nene, chandler, west... they're all nice but they all have their issues. more than ever in the new NBA, it's going to be very important to spend wisely and pass up big names that will never really get you anywhere. i mean, such was always an important principle, but soon it's going to be doubly-important...

just my 2, of course.
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