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something I wrote on Allan Ray somewhere else:

No, he wasn't 'that bad.' He was and is very good. People involved in NBA drafts (scouts, GMs, etc.) usually know what they are doing but can also be extremely... dumb.

There is no way Allan Ray wasn't good enough to get drafted. Though, I am glad he didn't get drafted in the second round. Undrafted is better than second round, because then you choose which team you play for over the summer under the same conditions as a second rounder. What is a shame is that he didn't get drafted in the first round, though I wouldn't call it ludacrous. It is actually expected, the way those people think (no, that is not much of a knock against them, it is just a fact). Allan will play over the summer (I hear for the Celtics). If he doesn't make that team (the Celtics already have 3 point guards (Telfair, Delonte West, Rajon Rondo), as well as 2 or 3 shooting guards (Tony Allen, Gerald Green, Paul Pierce), he will show the league what he can do and should be signed soon enough. Allan Ray will have a good career in the NBA.
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