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Default Re: Boozer & Brewer for Arenas-STRAIGHT UP

thats horrible it really is.. you want to pay arenas 20 mil every year for 3 years? btw i believe his contract goes up in increments of 2 mil, so this yr is 19 the next is 21 and the third is 23 mil i believe, oh what? trade him if he doesn't pan out?

i like glen baby davis for boozer but i don't think the celts bite, glen got paid 6.3 mil he's prolly lookin at 9-12 mil range realistically which i think he's more of a 8-9 mil guy a solid 6th man, and maybe they'll throw in delonte to match contracts then try to sign jason richardson, jrich is a obvious fit with the bulls, lets see if he buys into our city which i think for sure he will
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