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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by statman32
I don't usually ask for help but it seems like I cant get a damn deal done in one league despite trying constantly. I'm in 3rd place and not too worried but would like to build a dominant team.

Just asking for some ideas on what I should do with this team. 12 team non ppr standard league

QB: Cam
WR: Stevie J
WR: MWill (TB)
WR: Harvin
RB: McCoy
RB: Best
TE: V Davis
Flex: Lynch
Bench: Manningham
Bench: Wayne
Bench: D Moore
Bench: Ryan
Bench: McCluster

I lost Charles so right now I have a very subpar flex and cant decide on who to play every week. It looks like I need to get rid of some depth but every trade I send gets rejected. Any suggestions on deals I should do?

Thats tough. You have a good team for a 12 team league, but a few of your best guys like Wayne, Manningham, and M Williams are having bad starts so you don't want to be forced to sell them real low. Really you don;t want to trade Vernon Davis or Lesean McCoy, the only other guys I see people wanting right now are Cam Newton and Stevie Johnson. Both are guys you could see high on. If you belive in Ryan having a better year going forward you could try trading Cam for a really good RB. And even though Johnson is your best WR right now, I think over the year one of your other guys should really step up, they can't all stay in a slump.

In a 12 team league someone has to be week at QB, so another idea could be to make an offer of either Cam or Ryan and then throw in Lynch or Best or Wayne, and try to get a really good RB in return.

Or maybe the Andre Johnson owner will be freeked out and take short term production in exchange for Johnson
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