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Default Re: US Media: Deron Williams Struggles in Europe (VIDEO)

Originally Posted by Tide
From the video it sure seemed like it was just D-Will sucking ass and it had nothing to do with tough D.

He missed two open shots, two free throws, and a layup.

The first shot could be categorized as tough D, but it was just a dumb shot.

I don't know why you get so hard off an NBA player not doing well overseas.

There are plenty of European players that came to the NBA and didn't play well and we don't make threads about that.

The only reason he's trying to make a big deal out of it is his hero Vassilis Spanoulis failed on passing towels in the NBA.

Now that scrub went back to where he belong, he's trying to convince himself that NBA and Euroleague are equal.

The reality is when you have guys like Anthony Parker dominating Europe and scrubs like NBA drop outs Langdon, Edney, Batiste, Marcus Brown making noises in Euroleague, you have to against your common sense.
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