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Default Re: US Media: Deron Williams Struggles in Europe (VIDEO)

Originally Posted by sundizz
Honestly, this is ridiculous. We are using a sample size of a few games to bash a player who is coming off surgery and not in great shape at the moment. Give him a 20-30 game sample and he'll be back to his completely dominant self. Cp3 sucked in that Rec game and no one cares. And he isn't a selfish player, it is unlikely he will pad his stats that way. He'll just play in the flow of the game and get 20-25, 10-12, or wtv prime awesome Euro level #'s are. He can't outpace the game played, nor the style.

Actually he played against a Belgian team full of American in that very first 2 games.

Right after that, he played against those soft Euros and dropped 22.

Last game he dropped 15 and feeding another scrub Samih Erden for 5 assist.
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