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It's not like he never lacked the ability. Anyone who thought he was just a bad QB talent wise just never really saw him play imo. He's always had the talent.

What he didn't have was the confidence. He got tossed behind a terrible line in a terrible team. He then started to improve, but got hurt. Then Mike Nolan went crazy (was already crazy?).

THEN he had that weird shoulder issue and the team nearly cut him.

Then he did lose the job to Shaun Hill. I honestly don't know why. He was either that bad or Singletary's method would make Hill the better option (managing). But then he comes in in the middle of the season and does actually pretty damn well.

2010 was the QB merry-go-round. A debacle to be honest.

So basically what I'm trying to sum up is that he never had something solid to stand on which is what he needs. He has a mental aspect, he's extremely intelligent, but when he gets under center something changes. He either: a) Doesn't trust his arm. b) Always tries to look for the perfect throw. But this year it's different, he's got confidence, he did two things yesterday that made me smile: First he threw that pass in between defenders to Walker for the TD. But even more important for me was when he escaped the pocket ran around a bit, PLANTED, and threw down field, it was incomplete but... important.

With a moving pocket, with some PA fakes, and with very good play calling, he's built some confidence, and it's like a while different QB. The only thing I still want to see him add a bit more is using his feet, he's got that talent too.

Now with Detroit coming up tbh it scares me more than any other game. I don't want Alex hurt, and I don't want him to take a step backwards. It'll be important for that O-Line to continue to grow.
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