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Originally Posted by knickballer
If you haven't known by now I'm a big Smith fan and just dropping by to post how well Smith has been playing this year. Hopefully people are starting to recognize his performances and stop labeling him a "bust"

83-126 for 965 yards, 7 TD's, 1 int, 65.9 completion %, 104.1 QB rating

He's also leading the BSPN's TQBR this week

I'm telling you he's a really good QB..

Same here. I always knew Smith had great potential. He's starting to show it too this season. Its just that the so-called ''analysts'' who calls him a bust only look at his numbers and don't watch the way he plays the game. 7 coordinators in 7 seasons isn't easy. Just think of it in basketball. Imagine having 7 different head coaches in your first 7 seasons. That would be a pain
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