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Originally Posted by GatorKid117
So I'm going to make the assumption then and assume you 9er fans would still take him #1 again. Because from what I've gathered, he's has great potential and talent and the only reason he's been bad is mostly because of coaching.

In hindsight, Aaron Rodgers would be the consensus top pick. Hands down. Although Rodgers was in a better situation than Smith, it's obvious Rodgers is the better QB. Rodgers productions are off the chart. He's setting himself up for a HOF type of career, hell he's on pace to be one of the best QB's of all time. There are only a few QB's in the league comparable to Rodgers (Manning and Brady) let alone QB's in his draft class.

Smith isn't a bad QB and was put in a terrible situation while Rodgers was drafted by a team that made multiple playoff runs and was one game away from making the Superbowl. I think Alex Smith could turn out to be an average to above average QB in the league (a top 16 QB.) Is that bust worthy? Probably. But I don't think he should be labeled as a bust because he was drafted over Rodgers. They should be judged on a standalone basis.

Basically Smith is no Aaron Rodgers. If you compare a Mercedes E350 to Maybach, the e350 is ultimately inferior. But if you had the option of taking an E350, I don't think many would mind. It's a nice car.

Sorry for the cheezy car comparison. I've never e ven changed a tire in my life which shows how much I know about cars .

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