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Default Re: Off-Season Thread

The fact that the players can't be civil and logical and accept a 50/50 split is irritating. On top of that, this is the only league where players get paid ridiculous amounts of money to do so little. MLB players have a grueling season, 6 months, every day playing. NFL and NHL is pretty obvious, very physical, short careers. But basketball? Where people get paid 12 million a year to play 6 minutes a game just because they were born tall? Ridiculous. The players don't deserve that much money, especially with the way the economy is and the competition they have just with college ball alone.

As for the Panthers, yes they are still losing, but it's actually fun to watch them lose. Like, you know they're going to lose just because they're inexperienced, but they make the games fun and interesting to watch because they compete now and actually try to win, unlike the last two years.

However, I don't like Legadoo Naanee or whatever his name is. I swear he drops 5 balls a game.
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