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Default Re: The longer the lockout carries on...

Originally Posted by Toni
I side with the owners on this one. They are trying to restructure the CBA so that every team in the NBA has a legitimate shot to win an NBA title, from the small to large markets. I think that is fair and makes the league much more competitive. Although, obviously it`s difficult when these players are all used to making so much money and all of a sudden David Stern says enough is enough..
Exactly. It's like for years and years you take advantage of a f*cked up system, and then someone just says hey... you can't have any of what you used to have you're being cut off cold turkey. I can understand the players being upset, especially the younger guys who saw the early/mid 2000s era take the NBA to the bank. However, it was like there are certain parts of the system that were running the league into the ground.

So to get more specific: (from the ESPN.COM article about it)

sources told Bucher and Broussard that owners proposed system changes this week that included a luxury tax of $2 for every $1 that teams strayed above the tax threshold -- doubling the tax that was applied in the previous collective bargaining agreement
Mainly effects large market teams that go way over the salary cap to win a championship. Would make them have to use their resources a lot more effectively which to me would hamper the "superteam" idea in a big way.

The owners, sources said, also want teams that stray beyond the tax line three times in a five-season span to pay $3 for every $1 over the tax limit. Sources said that the proposed tax penalties would rise to $4 for every $1 dollar over the threshold for any team that crossed into tax territory in five straight seasons.
Funny why they would say this. Pretty much like taking money from the rich and helping the poor.

Sources said that owners also pushed for contract limits of four years for free agents re-signing with their current teams and three years for free agents joining new teams, with the union proposing five years and four years, respectively.
Agree with this. I mean it sucks for them but trimming off a year or two off of guaranteed contracts I believe would make the players more competitive in addition to costing the franchise less money.

Sources say that the league, as reported last week, likewise continues to push for tax-paying teams to be denied the use of their Larry Bird and mid-level exceptions and is still pushing for the mid-level exception to be reduced from a maximum of $5.8 million annually over five years in the previous CBA to a two- or three-year maximum contract that can't exceed $3 million annually.
I think they are asking for a little too much here but I guess it also ties into them trying to take back the league from large market teams and spread the wealth.

"It makes no sense for us to operate under the current model, where taxpayers ... have a huge advantage over other teams," NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver said.

This is obviously the main point they are getting at. That they want all the teams in the league to have an equal shot at winnining when in the past those in the running are consistently the teams that are way over the salary cap.
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