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Originally Posted by Carbine
The type of talent Rodgers has would transform any team looking for a quarterback. Rodgers is not "system specific" or anything close to that as a quarterback. He's the most talented quarterback in the league factoring everything from smarts, decision making, leadership, athletic skills, throwing skills, etc.... he's not all of a sudden going to lose that going to SF. Would he have started off as smoothly? No, there would have more bumps along the road due to being thrown in the fire earlier, but he would eventually figure it out.

Quarterbacks elevate those around them. Rodgers would have done that with SF because he's got GOAT level talent.

I do not doubt for a second Rodgers' talent.

I do not believe for a second he'd have been near this good in SF nor would he have made SF all that much better. He had growing up to do when he came in the league. That's why sitting behind Favre was the best thing to happen to him.
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