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Default Re: The longer the lockout carries on...

Originally Posted by bokes15
I'd say it's a little bit of both. Due to guaranteed 6 year deals, a "fair deal" is not determined by whether or not the player is really worth it to them for that number of years. It's determined by what other guys are getting and by what they bring to your franchise from a money standpoint rather than a basketball standpoint for the most part. For instance, you aren't going to give a 30-31 year old out of prime superstar a max contract thinking that he'll be just as good for you at the end of it as he is at the beginning. You have to give it to him because he won't accept a smaller deal for lesser years based on the system it would be a slap in the face to do so and they'd for sure walk, as seems to be the going trend right now.
I think that this is because of the soft cap. When a team is over the cap, it can only resign its own players, even if they are old and overpaid.
Originally Posted by Toni
I side with the owners on this one. They are trying to restructure the CBA so that every team in the NBA has a legitimate shot to win an NBA title, from the small to large markets. I think that is fair and makes the league much more competitive. Although, obviously it`s difficult when these players are all used to making so much money and all of a sudden David Stern says enough is enough..
This doesn't make sense to me. The competitiveness of the small makets depends on the salary cap. What they are really discussing is the percentage of the revenues that goes to the players. The rest is all smoke.

BTW, I thought that capitalists like you don't like intervention. I mean, if Memphis can't compete with LA, well, maybe they shouldn't have an NBA team. That's the capitalist logic. But it seems that capitalism is only an excuse to exploit the poor. When a NBA team or a bank needs help, they have that help. (sorry, I just wanted to write this)
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