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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

I coulda swore there was already another thread on this, but whatever.

This season has been spectacular. I really did feel like the show got a little stagnant through season two and most of season three, but after last season's incredible season finale, the show has really hit a new gear.

A few of the thoughts I've had from the previous thread:

I haven't seen much if any evidence that the club would be opposed to Juice being half black. If memory serves there's been some latino members in other chapters. And I was under the impression Juice was latino anyway. But it was a nice touch having Juice go to Chibs for his opinion since Chibs had the black wife. But between working with other races, marrying other races, it's like this hardlined race rule just sort of came out of nowhere as a motive to extort one of the characters. And it just doesn't make a ton of sense. He could have easily gone to the gang and said he just found out that he was half black.

Generally speaking, the acting is pretty good. But man Jax is sometimes tough to swallow. The pouty lip smacking and exagerated strutting is just out of hand.

Ron Pearlman and Katie Segal are both spectacular. And one of the issues I felt the show has had in the past is that a lot of the other characters have been pretty one dimensional. But this season has seen a lot of fleshing out. Opie already had some depth to him. But now we're getting Piney developed into a fuller character. Bobby Elvis is being fleshed out even more. And last night you got a lot more on Tig, who's been little more than a flat psychopath for most of the series.

One thing that sticks out to me all the time is that they're rebel outlaws, but they all are always certain to wear their helmets. I'm sure it's related to some legal issue with the network, but it always strikes me as odd to see them all about to rip off angry and take that extra time to strap on their helmet.

And to me, it had felt to me like it will be difficult for the show to continue much further. The Clay JT dynamic has always been the underlying story of the show, and now as it's being brought to the forefront, I'm afraid how the show will carry on once it's resolved, and it's come to far this year to not get some kind of resolution. I could concievably see another season next year where Jax, and Opie, as a result of Clay coming down on his father, sort of sucede from the crew and you get a year of civil war. Otherwise they're gonna have to come up with a complete stunner to keep stringing me along ... like Tara and Piney both somehow dieing and taking their secret to the grave, and their deaths being misdirected toward someone else, ala Opie wife.
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