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Default Re: The longer the lockout carries on...

This is not a "product industry" - this is entertainment.

Poor analogy from the players and owners.

History Lesson 101.

When the Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford set al tired of Movie Moguls like MGM , Republic Pictures, and 20th Century owning their contracts and rights and prohibiting them from making (1) movies they wanted to or (2) making more money by working where they wanted to - they took the next logical step.

They formed United Artisits - a competing studio. Then they set out to work under the conditions they desired.

The real outcome of this? United Artists slightly changed the way the indutry worked - but the star owners ended up largely becoming the "man" they rose up to oppose in the first place. Changed some of the flexability and freedom of some stars - by and large did not affect the lower echelon of actors and performers.

Fast forward.

If the Players are prepared to risk their personal money to promote themselves as the "real reason people come to watch basketball" - then back it up with your wallet. Do it. Shut up and do it. Kobe Lbron et al can form their own league, negotiate their own arena leases, collect their own sponosrs.

The owners on the other hand want more profits. Claw backs the players give will never be returned to fans in form of lower ticket prices. Frankly they could use a knock down fight with a player league to re-teach them the appreciation of paying customers and fans.

This is neither capitalism nor socialism - its the entertainment business that is as wonky as it gets and operates under its own arcane architecture.
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