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Default Re: What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?

depends on the weather and so forth.

Summertime cocktail: Saphire Gimlet (Mumbai Saphire and Rose's lime (or fresh lime and simple syrup) over rocks)

Summertime refresher: Pimm's Cup (Pimms's, cucumber, lime, mint and ginger ale)

Beer: Mackesons Triple Stout (I like most stouts)

Whiskey: Van Winkle's Rye (or any rye)

Club drink: Dirty Gin Martini

My own invention drink: Stormy Monday (ripp off of Dark and Stormy) - Ginger Beer and Rye or bourbon over rocks)

Why limit yourself, there are so many wonderful drink combinations out there. I love a well aged scotch or top notch bourbon. Love a nice Port as well

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