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Default Sixers Free Agents and FA Targets

What you guys think of Johnny Salmons, Willie Green and Shavlik Randolph. Should the Sixers keep them? Id like them to hang on to Randolph. He's a great energy guy off the bench, hustle type of player but he just needs some bulking up. Im scared of King overpaying for Green and Salmons and i dont think that Green deserves the contract that wouldve paid him $5mil per season. Both havent really proved anything to warrant such contracts. Id pay Green about $2 -2.5mil and let Salmons walk. Im pretty high on Bobby Jones taking on the role that Salmons was suppose to play off the bench for us - defensive guy who we can throw at the 2 or 3 of the opposing team.

As for Free Agent targets, it's not really clear yet really cause it's two different scenarios if Philly parts with AI or not....which i was a big supporter of but id like to see how AI would fit with Carney, Jones and a couple more additions from the FA market. Right now the Sixers need depth both in the frontcourt and backcourt. 76ers havent been able to attract great Free Agents so we settle for role players that have been proven to contribute - not rejects like Nailon, Barnes.etc. For the backcourt we go for Jannero Pargo or Jay Williams. Pargo guy can defend and score and is an upgrade to Kevin Ollie. Williams on the other hand was a good player prior to his the accident but might demand the entire MLE. Big guys that might be on our price range - Scot Pollard, Kelvin Cato and Walter MacCarty - all proven vets that our bench sorely lacked last season.

With that said, the roster for next season could look something like this:
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