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Default look, someone Likes the Gay/Battier Trade

its tmac:

Shane Battier knows just how you feel.
He doesn't blame you. He takes no offense.
He also is not worried that he will win over the fans that booed their way out of Toyota Center on Wednesday.
"It's completely understandable for fans," Battier said Thursday, a day after the Rockets agreed to send Stromile Swift and the rights to No. 8 draft pick Rudy *** to the Memphis Grizzlies for Battier."The nice, shiny-red fire engine looks better than the old, shabby teddy bear that's been around the block a few times. But I'm going to do everything I can to earn the city of Houston's respect, to earn Rockets fans' respect."It's going to end up a pretty good deal."While Rockets fans who replaced the shock with anger were largely speaking about ***'s potential rather than Battier's value, there were others — from coach Hubie Brown to future teammate Tracy McGrady — who were eager to rave about the Rockets' acquisition.Measuring the deal itself likely will be difficult until *** taps his potential — or fails to. The choice itself, however, was not between *** and Battier. Even without the trade, the Rockets were never going to take ***.Battier's ability to play three positions could be especially beneficial to the Rockets, especially his ability to play power forward. They have lacked 3-point shooting between McGrady and Yao Ming, a skill that would bring big men away from the lane
where they have cut off penetration and double-teamed Yao. With so many teams down-sizing at the position, the Rockets had only traditional power forwards."When they told me that's the deal we made, I was so happy," McGrady said. "Shane is a solid player and the type of player we need, a player that can inspire the team with hustle plays, a defensive presence. He's smart and can shoot outside. But I really like that when we match up with Phoenix or Dallas, we can match up with Shane at the four.

EDIT: lol sorry, i didnt realise that whole quote would turn red^^^ it hurts my eyes
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