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Default Re: Batman Arkham City: "One of the best games ever made" 10/10 score

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
I should have expanded my original post; as it would have explained why your reasoning isn't applicable in this case.

Despite Uncharted 2 not receiving a perfect score; for the past two years it was considered by IGN the best game for the PS3. Which is why I think their numerical rating is inconsistent. They should at least modify their score at a later date. Their opinion of the game isn't reflective of their rating. If it was, then games like GTA, RDR & Metal Gear Solid would be above Uncharted 2. For the past two years, they were not according to their articles.

IGN does not (and should not) rate games based on their own personal preference. They rate games with an objective state of mind and the "genre" allows gamers to determine if it's their type of game.

List some descriptive intangibles that you speak of. If Batman had more intangible items and thus increased it's overall appeal; then it should have received a higher score in "Lasting Appeal" or perhaps "Gameplay" but it wasn't. If you could explain to me what these intangible items you speak of, I might be able to get a better idea of what you mean by it.

You also need to analyze the source of those reviews. Some sites are notorious for giving out a perfect score for any really good game. I wouldn't say my preference is comic book based video games but I'm happy it received such a prestigous score. It will most certainly diverse my gaming collection, since sooner or later I will purchase Arkham City.

When it comes to gaming intangibles I don't think you can define like you can clutch, leadership etc in basketball. You into cars? I've owned multiple performance cars and some of them you can't explain why it feels better when you drive it but you just know it does. It's the same idea. I can't tell you what I mean by gaming intangibles but I mean the overall feel about the game. How it all feels when you combine everything at the end of the day.

BTW don't take IGN's formula too seriously. Only focus on the review itself and overall rating. You're first problem is getting hung up on their categories because they aren't consistent and they aren't even important half the time. You honestly think a game with sound and graphics at a 10 is going to matter when compared to ones with graphics and sound at an 8 or 9? NO.
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