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Default Re: Batman Arkham City: "One of the best games ever made" 10/10 score

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
I've never said graphics, sound & presentation are vital; I said they help you distinguish games withat offer similar gameplay. They are integral parts that enhance the experience.

Since my original post in this thread was comparing two similar games (with an identical score), I believe I'm still being relevant.

I'm not saying that graphics, sound & presentation are as vital of a component as the game's dialogue, story-line, mechanics, camera work etc. But I am saying that those integral parts can most certainly make one game more enjoyable then another if everything else is held constant.

People still play Zelda because of its gameplay & lasting appeal; that's the backbone to any game. You take Twilight Princess and enhance its graphics, sound & presentation value; you don't think it will be a better game (even if the improvements aren't overly dramatic)?

Now claiming a score of an 8 and a 9.5 isn't a big difference is completely arbitrary, and I am not about to argue with you about that. Too much subjectivity is involved here.

Okay so we agree. Sound, graphics, presentation etc can add to a game for sure but they aren't vital. BTW.... you compared two completely different genres and games so why are you saying it's relevant? Sure they both got the same overall score but they are nothing alike besides the fact that both have great action.

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