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Default Re: Batman Arkham City: "One of the best games ever made" 10/10 score

Originally Posted by nightprowler10
Yeah this is what I was just gonna post, excellent sound/gfx in a true linear game like UC2 vs the same quality in an open world game?

Yup. It's also proven that open world games/sandbox games get more love. I mean look at Red Dead and the GTA games. They get 10's all the time and at least 9.5. I personally don't like sandbox but I also don't like linear. I like a nice balance like Mass Effect. Uncharted is like a blockbuster summer action movie. It's entertaining, explosive and fun.... but after you finish watching it... it's pretty forgettable. I don't feel any attachments to the characters of UC. It's a very superficial and simple game compared to my RPG's.

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