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Default Re: Batman Arkham City: "One of the best games ever made" 10/10 score

Originally Posted by nightprowler10
You'd be a little lost in the storyline in Revelations if you don't play it. That said, while its superior to AC2 its not a huge upgrade. The combat is better and more fluid, storyline moves faster and is more dramatic than AC2 (Cesare is a bastardo), and Assassination missions are about on par with it's predecessor. But the biggest improvement is the side quests. Think of it as GTA: Renaissance era Rome. The underground missions are much better, Leonardo's machines missions are a ton of fun, destroying Borgia towers is pretty cool. Recruiting new assassins and training them is kinda stupid but being able to use these assassins in missions is pretty sweet. You can practically sit on the bench and execute some missions if you choose to do so. The DLCs are good, but AC2 outdoes brotherhood as it Bonfire of the Vanities. My biggest complaint would be the map being somewhat annoying in the remote areas of Rome, and the best armor in the game being butt ugly. At least you had Altair's armor in AC2 which was badass.

The side stuff basically makes AC2 seem boring compared to Brotherhood. Some Uncharted influence in certain missions. Oh, did I mention you get to use the apple?

I beat first one and half of second one. Aren't there 4 now? Or only 3?
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