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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

Clay will have to divert the blame for this stuff to someone else, just like he did with Opie's wife in blaming the 69ers.

I could see him rallying the club around the notion of this competitor cartel coming after them. Admitting some mistake in getting involved, and keeping his history hidden away for some time further. I fully expect Piney to get it soon.

I sort of like the idea of Juice dieing here. It makes the show feel more dangerous, as if fewer people are safe. But I have a feeling he'll somehow survive. Chibs and Tig may make it there just in time. Then they'll have to question where all his guilt is coming from.

Impetious move by Bobby, albeit ballsy. The only person he has to know will side with him is Piney. I can't imagine someone voting against him for the simple fact of retribution should he not be ousted.
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