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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

From recent blog posted by Kurt Sutter:

As I close in on writing the last three episodes of the season, I am beginning to clearly see the final act of Sons. This awareness took me back to the Hamlet archetype that inspired the show and I'm trying to envision how much of the series will eventually come back around to that homage.

Some. I think.

There are big character shifts in season four. We knock people off the fence and we make them choose. The finale for season four will feel like a series end in a lot of ways, but the truth is, it will create a new beginning. The beginning of the end. Season five and six, if I'm lucky enough to get, will explore that new dynamic. Season seven will be all about the fall of heroes and the rise of men.

As far as potential shit I may actually steal from the Bard, it comes down to themes. I will definitely continue to play out the ghost of Hamlet's father theme, the conflicted son theme and the plotting mother theme. As well as some others. And there may even be a few narrative lifts from the Shakespearean playbook as well.
I won't spoil those. I can tell you this, the show doesn't end in a pool of blood with all players dead.

That will happen in season six... just kidding. I think.

And in light of my recent social media extraction, I thought I'd leave you with this from Act 1, scene 3:

"Give thy thoughts no tongue."
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