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Default Warriors assistant Mark Malone talks about team getting more defensive

Warriors assistant Mark Malone talks about the team to CSN Bay Area:

Malone said:

We’re going to be a defensive team. The Golden State Warriors are going to defend every night. We’re going to rebound. We’re still going to look to run but run with discipline -- not just running and taking bad shots.

The last thing is taking care of the basketball. If we can do those four things every night, we feel we’ll have a chance to be a successful team. But it starts with the defense, finishing off that possession with a rebound -- which they did a very poor job of last year – and then we still want to look to attack.

There’s a common misperception that you cannot be a good defensive team and still be a good running team. We don’t want to take away from our guys’ creativity and their ability to get out and run. They do that very well here.

The difference is we want to run off misses and rebounds instead of taking the ball out of the net and looking to run all the time. So, defend, rebound, run with discipline and value the basketball. Those are the four things we’re going to harp on day in and day out.
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