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Default Re: Deny all you want but Gaddafi did alot for black Africa

sorry, only skimmed. but still, i find one basic fact missing in the logic of those articles-

qaddafi murdered thousands or tens of thousands of his fellow libyans in order to stay in power and his so-called 'egalitarian movement' was pretty-much a sham since the day he took power in 1969.

so maybe it's true that debt-plagued western nations are looking for easy victims in order to exploit their oil resources, or whatever. but when you've perpetrated as many human rights violations as qaddafi's regime did, you pretty much forfeit your rights in the matter.

and yea, qaddafi may have advanced the flow of technology to libyans and diminished apartheid-type problems, but his foundation was rotten and he created no sense of legacy. little to build on, and in the instability of the wake of his departure, we don't know whether things will really get better or worse for the average libyan.
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