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Default Re: Deny all you want but Gaddafi did alot for black Africa

Originally Posted by Premeditated
This had nothing to do with the Libyan citizens but more to do with him reaching his hand out to Sub-Sahara Africa. He's preached and preached for pan Africa and showed solidarity. There's a reason why alot of Africans have nothing but good things to say about him.
in terms of the issues i raised, that's like pointing to one little fleck of gold in a pile of shit. and if qaddafi was actually the most effective champion for a pan africa then, as the saying goes, you know you got problems.

I could give a fukk what he did to his. Those rebels are the same people going out there and killing every black person they can find.
i'm not sure if you're being incredibly hateful, incredibly ignorant, or incredibly delusional at this point. the people that qaddafi had murdered stretch over 40 years and came from all different kinds of circumstances. the CURRENT rebels who toppled qaddafi include many people who have nothing to do with hate crimes. and then the idea that you would form an equal link between those two things without a second thought... wow.

really nothing more to say.
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