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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
Something just doesn't add up with Clay and the letters and everything. I mean you would think that if he thought he was in any sort of real danger with Jax possibly finding out about the letters that he would run off. There's no way he can think he can just have Tara get taken out and Jax won't suspect something.

If Tara does get taken out then Clay needs to take out Unser and probably Piney as well. Unser will not keep quiet about that and Piney after already losing his daughter in law would not stand for it either. Really now that I think of it after everyone finding out about Donna, the whole club may be suspicous of Clay and if they think he purposely had Tara killed I don't think even Tig would stand by him.

Clay is not the type to ever run off though, and even if he did, he's got no where to go and nothing else to do. At least if Jax ran for somethign he could take Tara with him but Clay couldn't let all this get out and then expect Jemma to follow him, she would ultimately side with Jax over Clay.
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