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If Stuckey leaves that means either Gordon or Hamilton starts with Knight. A back court of White and Knight pretty much guarantees us a lottery pick. I definitely want a lottery pick again next year rather than just being a mediocre team. It's the only way we're going to be contenders again. With Monroe, Knight, and another solid young star we could be a very talented team again, especially with the other role players we already have. This years draft is going to have better big men. I'd much rather go after size since a PG/SG can be drafted almost any year. Plus we're deep at that spot anyhow.

With that said, I don't like the idea of giving up Stuckey. I highly doubt he would end up on the Bulls. He's a restricted FA so they wouldn't be able to offer him enough without Detroit matching. Of course this is if the rules on that part of free agency remain the same or similiar to what they used to be, which will probably be the case. With the players losing money in this deal and the cap more than likely coming down a bit I don't see how a contender can sign him. Miami, Chicago, LA, Boston, OKC, etc don't have an extra 8 to 10 million to give a guy. I think it's far more likely we'll see Stuckey resign and then we'll move Rip (finally) and/or BG.
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