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Default Re: Eli Manning and the Dreaded Underrated Word

Originally Posted by Godzuki
if anything its one of the biggest travesties how much respect a bad/awful QB can get that wins a Super Bowl. See Trent Dilfer

even as a Ravens fan, i despised Dilfer. I despised the coaching staff for being content with him not to F up(which he still did often) with complete throw aways just so he wouldn't have a chance at a int. the sad reality is that prime Ravens Def won them that Superbowl and if it wren't a once in a decade dominating defense they'd have no chance with that retard philosophy. hard to criticize considering they did win the SuperBowl, but speaking from someone who was a homer fan it was as frustrating to watch as them being the worst team in the league whenever they were on offense. its even harder watching NFL shows and listening to Dilfer talk these days, or others talk about him, giving him Super Bowl ring respect when he was such a sorry liability

but yeah if we're discussing good QB's, that ring shit doesn't matter since there have been some pitifully awful ones with riings

Damn dude.....did Trent Dilfer sleep with your wife or something? Yeah, maybe the Ravens should have stuck with Tony Banks that year....after he lead the Ravens in four straight games without an offensive TD. All Dilfer did was come in a go 7-1 down the stretch. In the SuperBowl he threw for 153 yards and a TD to start the game off, with no picks. I ain't saying he was Tom Brady.....but he earned his SuperBowl ring....
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