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Default Re: Name some of your favorite TV Show opening themes/intros


this show is something else. there was a thread about it and the general sentiment was that it was too slow and didn't grab you. i think that's the point. it has the exact same style as The Wire, and it was that style that really made The Wire stand out. the story was what it was... not that different from a whole host of spectacular dramas that have come out in the past decade.

with both Treme and the Wire, it's the dialogue that really shine through. i get the sense its intentionally written to keep the audience at somewhat of a distance, as if they're just dropping in on a conversation rather than being presented with it. it makes it hard to follow at the beginning, but you eventually familiarize yourself with the characters and their situations to such an extent that everything falls into place. Treme obviously has less of a flare for the dramatic. different setting... definitely a slower setting. but the characters are all just as real. perhaps more so, because there's less happening.

and best of all, it captures beautifully the emotions of a real city torn to shreds by a natural disaster. in twenty five years, this will be looked upon memorably as a realistic depiction of the sort of bullshit the city and its citizens had to put up with from the government of the richest nation in the world.

oh, and the music is second to none.

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