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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
That felt inevitable to me.

So what's next. Opie knows Jax was going up there to check in on Piney. Gemma knows Clay wasn't where he said he was.

Do they play this into suspicion of Jax from Opie? Does Jax's denial make Gemma question where Clay really was that night?

Good questions. I kept wondering if Clay was going to try to clean up the scene and disappear Piney or leave him there and spin it off like the Cartel got to him. Or maybe even cut Piney's head off since that seems to be the cartels style.

Clay is entering dangerous territory though. In the past when he has done stuff like kill Donna at least he could justify his actions to people, now he is just doing things solely for him, I don't even think Tig will back him up on any of this.

All around good episode though. A lot of action while keeping Charming involved as well with the fundraiser.

So Whats going to happen with Juice? You can tell all along that Chibs has known something is up with him. Chibs would probably be the most likely to forgive Juice since he almost gave up info to the Feds in season 3.
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