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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

Originally Posted by Positive
Yeah, I think this is it. If you noticed after Clay killed him, he took Piney's blood and wrote LS on an old club photo. I'm pretty sure that LS is the same cartel they're said to be at war with.

Oh thats right I forgot about that.

Some of the club members are going to realize it wasn't the cartel. That is just not their style. To break the door in and then wrestle with Piney, grab the shotgun that Piney is always carrying around there, and then shoot him with his own gun. Those cartel guys are surgical, they would send multiple guys there and would use their own guns. Well, they probably wouldn't waste their time going after one alone old guy anyway, and defiently wouldn't just kill him and leave him, they need to put on a show with it.
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