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Default Re: 2 NBA Players Already Cut In Europe

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Yes, or in the way it is called in the NBA - he was cut.

In the NBA it is called being cut because you did not have a guaranteed contract and when it came up to be money owed on a guaranteed amount you are cut.

Cut.....or sometimes they use the term waived.

But, when the team says it was because you were not wortth the money you were being paid and they drop your contract so they can get as good a player cheaper.......

yeah, that is universally considered being cut in the NBA.

No, what I was saying was that DeJuan Blair's contract expired. Being cut is what you described... a team takes you off of the roster and pays you the rest of your contract because they don't believe you are helpful for the team. An expired contract means that it ended. His contract was only for about two weeks.
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