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Default Re: 2 NBA Players Already Cut In Europe

Originally Posted by Euroleague
His contract was for the whole year. With team option renewal options at each month. And a guaranteed amount of money due after set times.

It's just like when a player signs a non-guaranteed training camp contract that runs through the whole NBA season, but only has X amount of money owed if the contract is "cut" by a certain date.........

That's the kind of contract he had.

He was not cut for poor play, just that the team felt he was not worth the amount he was making. The same thing as most NBA cuts.

Brown was cut apparently just for poor play.

Oh, okay. I didn't understand how it worked, since I just saw the following quote:
As per the official website of Samara, the contract with Blair expired at the end of VTB League and FIBA Eurochallenge Qualification Rounds and the two parts decided not to renew it.
and assumed that that meant his contract simply ended and they decided not to sign him to a new contract.
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