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Default Re: Improve Your Game?

the thing is there is no good way to simultaneously lose fat and gain muscle.

the rationale for losing fat is

Taking in fewer calories than you expend

but building up muscle, requires eating a proper diet of protein, carbs for energy, and working out. (just working out will make you cut and strong, but not give you big muscles)

therefore, I recommend slimming down first, then working on the muscles.

to slim down, simply eat less.

sounds easy, but if you want best results:

no more junk food. no more soda. no more fried stuff.

you don't have to rely on salads, but have some vegetables, eat some fruits, get some whole wheat grains, some light meat, and get used to spicy stuff if you like flavor. Spicy = your best friend on diets.

then do aerobics at least 3 times a week for an hour a week.

just do not starve yourself. if your metabolism drops, your body will get the glycogen reserves in your muscles first and that will leave you with your excess fat.

and be patient. if you are in okay shape, with just a little extra stomach fat, do this for at least a month. you may not see instant results after a week, but remember, it's a slow work in progress. nothing in life is ever easy.

and I am not a big bodybuilder. i work out just to stay strong, not really get big. so I can't help you much there. there is another thread made by Bokes15 on the OTC page where yo ucan get pointers there.
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