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Default Re: Did the Bulls overachieve last regular season? Phil Jackson thinks so

Originally Posted by knicksman
most defensive teams overachieve in their first season and regress next. Thats what you get from playing through hustle(defense) instead of skill(offense). Once players get tired of playing defense, they will regress because they dont have the offense to fall back.

Most teams have second gear during playoffs and thats because they increase their efforts on defense. While bulls are already playing with their second gear during the regular season because they are a defensive team. Its good to play defense but the effects of it to players makes it ideal to play as less as possible and use it only in the playoffs. Because defense is the major cause of injuries. Just look at the defensive anchors in this league, you can only find few of them which are healthy and 1 of them is dwight but it requires for him to have that kind of body if you want to survive the contacts hes taking. So I predict bulls to regress next season. In fact their defensive anchor(noah) already hinted not liking thibs and he missed so many games due to defense. Once players quit playing defense, its over.

Dude this post is full of shit. For real, you sound stupid alluding to things with no evidence and expressing points you have no way of proving.
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